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Getting the Sale by Listening

Today we will talk about the importance of Listening when Trying to get the Sale.  Whether you are selling product, service or idea, it important to Listen.

 Have you ever left a Sales Conversation with someone without getting the Sale, especially when you felt that you were a good fit? Would you like to learn what may have gone wrong so that you learn how to improve your chances of getting the Sale. If you have left without the Sale and felt that you were a good fit, perhaps your listening skills were not what they should have been. Perhaps, your potential client thought that you were not listening to them.  

As the Salesperson, how much of the time should you be listening? Did you know that 70-80% of the time when selling, that you should be LISTENING?

Why should you be Listening?  Listening will help you to build Rapport.  It will help you to be genuine and authentic.  These things help you to build Trust.  People want to  do business with someone that they Trust.

How do you get the Client, the potential Client to speak 70-80% of the Time? You need to ask Questions.  Open ended questions.  Questions that will give information and will get the customer talking.

Listening allows you to identify opportunities to position your Product or Service and to Close the Sale.  Listening slows down the conversation.  This is a good thing.  It allows you time to think strategically and to position your product’s or service’s features and benefits, or to ask a follow up question, or to close or give a trial close.

How well do you communicate your value as a sales professional? If you listen closely, you are already providing value. Think about the other person, not yourself. Listen for what is important to the people with whom you’re trying to establish a relationship? What do their problems, hopes, and successes look like when purchasing a product or service? Again, if you are listening closely, you are already providing value to the customer.  This can make a big difference in moving the Sales Call forward and in Getting the Sale.

You need to practice Listening.  In addition to listening with your team and customers at work practice with your Children when you need to sell them on, for example, spending more time on their homework.  Ask questions that will get them talking.  Focus on questions, that will give you information.  Be Authentic, Genuine.  Listen.  Build Rapport, Build Trust.  Get them to say yes to what you want them to do.  Getting the Sale and Listening is an Art.  You can do it with practice and focus.  It will make a difference in your ability to grow your Business.