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When selling, it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for when you can close the Sales Call. You may need to stop selling earlier than you think, and do a trial close, or go right for the close. If you are selling a service or product, the close is when you ask if your customer would like to make a purchase. If you are selling an idea, then you will need to see if they are in agreement with you.

A close is what you and the client agree will happen moving forward.

Examples of how to Close:

“What I am going to recommend….
“What I would like for you to do……
“It sounds like you are ready to begin…. “When would you like to schedule a time when we can work together to begin your Strategic Plan?”

If the Sales Presentation ends here, with or without a commitment to purchase the product., always thank the customer for their time and interested in your product, service, or idea.
Leave the sale conversation with room for a future entry. Be positive and professional.-

The Close is the last portion of the Sales Conversation or Presentation. It is the accumulation. You ask a question, and you get a yes, no or maybe. If you do not get a yes, you may have to handle another objection. They may tell you why they are not buying now, or you may have to flush it out by asking a question. If it is a no, not now, it is always important to leave the conversation in a positive way. Letting them know that you appreciate their time and interest in your product, service, or idea. Letting them know if anything changes, to please contact you.

The close does not have to be a hard close. For example, you do not have to say “do you want to buy this refrigerator? “ It can be a trail close. For example, you may begin with a trial close: “are there any other questions or reasons why you would not buy this refrigerator? “ There is no definite way that you should proceed to the close or the trail close. It is up to your professional opinion and personal style. It depends on how the sales presentation went. Many people think that the trail close is gentler. Sometime the customer closes on you. They may say, I am ready to buy the product, service, or idea. That is always a good feeling.

Practice your close. It is with practice that we perfect our craft. Good Luck Selling!