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Strategic Planning During Coronavirus Pandemic

 The Coronavirus Pandemic, as scary and disruptive as it was,  is also an opportunity for businesses to rebuild and in some ways start anew.  When things are at a Critical Juncture, which may be the case for a lot of businesses at this time, it is a good time to stop, or pause, and plan for the future, in a way that they have not done so in the past.  It would be an excellent time to build a Strategic Plan.  That is one of the primary services that I offer, as a Business Consultant.  

 Strategic planning establishes the direction of your business.  It identifies  where you are and where you are going.  The first step is to undergo a SWOT Analysis.  This will tell you how best to respond to opportunities and challenges.   The second step is to determine the path that you want your business to take and will establish strategic goals, or critical success factors.  This will be done by using what we learned from the SWOT Analysis.  The third step is your Tactical Plan, which will describe the steps and actions that must be taken to achieve the strategic goals.  The end result is a document that will lay out the  future of your business.